Old Fort Days


Annually, the second weekend in June, a “Sleepy Little Village with a Shady old past,” hosts an exciting series of happenings, events, contests, fun, and food for
the entire family.

Visitors to Fort Sumner, NM, will encounter shadows of the “Old West” in
their Cowboy Worship Service, the WRCA Ranch Rodeo, a Cowboy Breakfast and in
the entertainment of the Musical Night, with its variety of performers who share
their love and talents with songs of days gone by.

The flavor of the “Old West” continues with an Old West Street Shoot-out,
complete with “Gunslingers” and their “Painted Ladies” in attendance. There are
games of “yesteryear” for Kids, both Boys, and Girls, with Goat Roping, “Little
Britches” Races and the Weiner Dog Races. And there is nothing like the fun of
the OFD’s Cowplop, featuring MooTilda, the cow. Nor will anyone turn down the
$$$’s that can be won by choosing a lucky square.

The Old Fort Days Arts and Crafts Show features gifted artisans and
crafters, locally and from far and wide, who make their talents available to the
public for purchase.

The OFD’s Car Show displays the talent, craftsmanship and love each entry
has for the car in American’s History.
OFD’s brings a wide variety of food vendors to town, as well as the local
restaurants with treats to tempt the pallets of both young and old. The Salsa
Contest displays a tasty range of salsas, in both red and green, and from mild to

Don’t miss out on the Horse Shoe Pitching, the Billy the Kid Basketball
Shoot-Out, both with a wide range of brackets are just a few of the entertainment
options for participants or spectators.

Finally, there is the world’s richest tombstone race ~ The Billy the Kid
Tombstone Race. This race is based on several attempts to steal Billy the Kid’s
grave maker, since his death at the hands of Lincoln County Sheriff Pat Garrett, on
July 14, 1881, in Fort Sumner.

This world’s richest tombstone race has entry brackets for both men and
women and in various age categories. But this race is not for the “faint of heart”
nor the “couch potato.” It is entertaining to watch contestant’s attempts to clear obstacles, carry a heavy tombstone 50 yards and accomplish this in the least
amount of time ~ without them or their tombstone stepping out of their lane.
BUT ~ for the winner in each bracket there is a cash prize, with the largest
being $2500!

So, as you plan for the second weekend in June, put Old Fort Days in Fort
Sumner, NM, at the top of your list! This four-day event offers something for
everyone in your Family!
For more information contact the Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce at
575-355-7705, or visit our Facebook page