Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce

707 N. 4th
P.O. Box 28
Fort Sumner, NM 88119

Community Jobs/Housing

Professional Opportunities:
Master Electrician
Child Care Providers
Master Plumber

Housing Opportunities:
364 Main Street
Available on Feb 7th
Angie Manning
(505) 604-0679

Will post any other known rent housing opportunities.

Purchasing Opportunities:
Fallon Cortese Land
Stallard Real Estate

FT Sumner MuseumArtifacts, pictures and documents from 1865 onward are collected in the Old Fort Sumner Museum located just north of Fort Sumner State Monument. Behind the museum is the Old Fort Sumner Military cemetery, final resting place for the famous outlaw Billy the Kid, frontiersman Lucien B. Maxwell and his family. There is no charge to see Billy’s grave.

Old Fort Sumner Museum is located 4 miles east of Fort Sumner on Hwy 60/84 and 3 miles south on Billy the Kid Road.