Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce

707 N. 4th
P.O. Box 28
Fort Sumner, NM 88119

Community Jobs/Housing

Professional Opportunities:
Master Electrician
Child Care Providers
Master Plumber

Housing Opportunities:
364 Main Street
Available on Feb 7th
Angie Manning
(505) 604-0679

Will post any other known rent housing opportunities.

Purchasing Opportunities:
Fallon Cortese Land
Stallard Real Estate

Fort Sumner is home to an eclectic variety of gift shops, art galleries; antique stores, a music store, and coffee shops. One can spend an enjoyable afternoon perusing galleries or searching for treasures and then stop for a latte or espresso before calling it a day.

Fort Sumner also sports a thriving Downtown Business District where you can do your banking; get a prescription filled; buy a cell phone; get your hair cut; buy clothes; order flowers; get feed for your animals; shop for groceries or order a milkshake from an old-fashioned soda fountain, plus a whole lot more. Pretty much anything you can get in a “big city” you can find right here in Fort Sumner.