Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce

707 N. 4th
P.O. Box 28
Fort Sumner, NM 88119

Community Jobs/Housing

Professional Opportunities:
Master Electrician
Child Care Providers
Master Plumber

Housing Opportunities:
364 Main Street
Available on Feb 7th
Angie Manning
(505) 604-0679

Will post any other known rent housing opportunities.

Purchasing Opportunities:
Fallon Cortese Land
Stallard Real Estate

39372311Billy the Kid Museum features relics of the historic past including a rifle that belonged to the Billy the Kid, along with documentation. The museum’s collection includes antique cars, wagons, buggies and a horse drawn hearse. Get a better understanding of trials the people of the 1800’s and early 1900’s endured.

For more information please view the following website: