Area Attractions

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Bosque Redondo State Monument

In 1862, the United States Military felt the most effective way to deal with the hostile Indian tribes was to place them on reservations under military guard. This policy gave birth to Fort Sumner and the Bosque Redondo Reservation. The site became a state monument in 1968. A visitor’s center features history, exhibits and a living history program which include demonstrations of the arms and equipment of frontier soldiers.

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Billy The Kid Museum 

Billy the Kid Museum features relics of the historic past including a rifle that belonged to Billy the Kid, along with the documentation. The museum’s collection includes antique cars, wagons, buggies and a horse drawn hearse. Get a better understanding of trials the people of the 1800’s and early 1900’s endured.

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Historic WP Mural

In the upper hallway of the County Courthouse at 514 Avenue C, are lovely old murals, painted in the 1930’s under a general Works Project Act (WP Mural), by a young Texico, New Mexico, artist, Russell Vernon Hunter. These murals depict the history of the old fort, the legend of outlaw Billy the Kid, and the birth of farming and ranching. Also, the murals depict the coming of the railroad. Visitors may view the historical murals Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 4:30. For more information call the Courthouse at 575-355-2601



Bosque Redondo Lake

Located two miles east of Fort Sumner on Hwy 60/84 and two miles south on Realwind Drive, Bosque Redondo Lake Park is a great place to relax for an afternoon of fishing, picnicking or hiking.

The Lake is stocked with 14-to 16-inch catfish with a bag limit of two. Picnic areas abound, both open and covered, and hiking trails will take you to the banks of the beautiful Pecos River.

Camping sites are available for those who want to stay longer to experience the sunny days, fresh air and cool starry nights that are a rule for Fort Sumner and De Baca County. The park is a quiet retreat, great for forgetting the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Sumner Lake State Park

Fort Sumner’s most popular spot is Sumner Lake. Located 15 miles northwest of Fort Sumner (10 miles north on High way 84 and 6 miles west on paved State road 203). The west side of the lake has RV hookups and comfort stations with showers. The park area has three launching ramps for boats on both sides of the lake. Also on the west side visitors can enjoy a nature trail and a playground. Water sports and fishing may be enjoyed year-round. Bird watching is also a popular pastime